Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 26 - Entertainment at DisneyLand Resort

This was our last day at DisneyLand.
The entertainment at Disney is always amazing.
During our time at DisneyLand, we enjoyed the
parades and Night-time Spectaculars.

At Disney's California Adventure,
the World of Color never ceases to impress! 
We watched this show 4 times while we were here!
We purchased new Mickey Ears which glow with the show.
They are synchronized with the music.
Really Cool!!!!

The Pixar Play Parade was new to us and so much fun!
Check out some of the pictures below.

At DisneyLand, we were able to view the
Soundsational Parade for the first time.
There was a lot of singing and clapping going on.

Fantasmic was fantastic as always.
We viewed this show from a different vantage point than
our normal spot, and truly enjoyed it!
To cap everything off, the Fireworks were dazzling!
Check out the "Hidden Mickey" in the pictures!

Almost forgot to mention the "Mad T Party".
It's a block party with lots of music and dancing.
Alice, the Mad Hatter and the Mad T Band provided the music.
There are more pictures than normal.
We enjoyed it so much, we couldn't hold back!

PS:  We discovered a new service at DisneyLand - Photo Pass!
For one set price, you are able to get as many photos taken
by the Disney Photographers as you wish.
This includes photos from the attractions.
Check this out when you visit.
We think it is well worth the price.
World of Color Night-time Show

Pixar Play Parade


Soundsational Parade


"Hidden Mickey" Fireworks

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