Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 16 - Getting to know Tokyo

We decided to save the parks for tomorrow.
We wanted to explore our surroundings.

We visited all of the Disney Hotels.
We utilized all of the transportation services.
We took the Disney Bus, Disney Monorail,
Japan Railway system and the Tokyo subway system.
We also did a little walking...I mean alot of walking!!

We managed to find our way through the jumble of mazes
via the Japan railway and subway system.
Check out the map below!!!
No English!

Saving the Park for Monday
Shuttle Bus

Brakes for mice

Air vents with style

Mickey helps you hold on

Minnie has a Mickey seat

Here's our Hotel - with a beautiful Ocean view

Disney's Hotel Miracosta

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

McGnomes hangin out at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Disney's Ambassador Hotel


Mickey Monorail

Window on Monorail

Mickey Handles
We went here
You take the first left????!!!???


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