Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 12 - Hong Kong Disneyland

Today we arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

It is very beautiful here.  It's cool to see mountains in the background.
We are staying at Disney's Hollywood Hotel.
Really nice hotel with plenty of Disney touches.

Hong Kong Disneyland has a land called Grizzly Gulch.
Big Grizzly Mountain ride is SUPER!!!

We celebrated our 20th anniversary today.
Minnie got to pick the restaurant for her special dinner.
What do you think she chose???
Of course CHINESE..........she even used her chopsticks!
it's rather appropriate since we are in Hong Kong!
Dinner was at the Crystal Lotus at Disneyland Hotel.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort at Night

Entrance to Disneyland Resort

Disney's Hollywood Hotel

Mirror in Entryway

Bronze Mickey

Bronze Minnie

Disneyland Hotel

Train Station

Big Grizzly Mountain Roller Coaster

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