Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 11 - Travel Day - Fly to Hong Kong

Today we left Disneyland Paris to travel to Hong Kong Disneyland.
We had a 6 hour flight to Doha
then an 8 hour flight to Hong Kong.
The McGnomes made it through immigrations without a hitch,
Left Paris at 10:25 PM Monday,
arrived at Disneyland Hong Kong at 11:00 PM on Tuesday.

This waas an exhausting day for both of us.
It's 3 am now and we are writing our blog.
We can't wait to get up and go to the Park this morning at 8 am.
Having a great time on our trip!!!

Doha DutyFree Store

Qatar Airplanes - There is a lot of Sand here

Hong Kong Airport

Entrance to the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
Can't wait to see it in the morning!!!

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  1. How cool!! Ya'll are in Hong Kong!! The pics are great, have fun and take lots more pictures!